Home Automation

Multi room Audio
Remote Lighting
Climate control
Home Cinema
Security Systems
In wall Touch Screens
Ipad tablet control
Android tablet control

Total Home control is integration with Home Appliances. This integration solution could be access in many different ways via your intruder alarm system as the main point of control or a home server.

These devices are able to control home appliances such as:

  • Lights
  • Heating
  • Air condition
  • Curtains /Blinds
  • Hifi systems
  • TV/Home Cinema

The Home Portal is a centre station for your entire Home set-up not only controlling your security and Home Automation systems it also allows you to centralize your music player, enable you to watch films and view photos controlling your entire Home Media.

The Home Portal can also act as a storage drive for all of your files and shared across a home network.

The Home Portal also has added features such as:

  • Web Browser allowing you to surf the Internet.
  • Dedicated App's such as Facebook and Twitter and many more popular social networking applications.
  • Free HD TV and Internet TV Stations.
  • Access to shopping applications allowing you to shop online



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